About us

We are committed to making choices that benefit people and the planet.

Our project is born out of a belief that beautiful things can be made by hand, in an ethical way, using sustainable materials.

Our pieces are designed to be timeless and adaptable so that you can enjoy them again and again in different ways. Classic, vintage pieces that you feel instantly comfortable with.


The materials we use are all sustainably sourced, and of very high quality.

We use the natural fleece colours of the alpacas and where dyes are involved, only low impact ones are used that contain no heavy metals.


Our makers turn their skills and talents into livable financial rewards. By establishing these fair-trade partnerships and supporting these cooperatives, often located in marginalised areas we help traditions to continue and for families to thrive with dignity, living outside poverty.

By bringing together fashion and style with artisan handmade quality, our customers receive a unique combination.


CONTACT: info@bluellamashop.com

Tel : 07599 841610