About Alpaca...

Alpacas are a domesticated species of South American camelid that produce one of the world's most luxurious fibres. Softer than cashmere, lighter, warmer and more durable than sheep's wool, it does not pill or ball.
Referred to as "The Fibre of the Gods" by the Incas, who recognised its superior quality, and used it to produce textiles and clothing for royalty and the elite.
Because the fibre is hollow it has amazing insulating qualities, yet allows breathability. This makes it suitable for all seasons, and gives it the characteristic lightweight feel.
The fibres do not contain lanolin, therefore they are hypo-allergenic, which together with an absence of the 'prickle factor' associated with ordinary wool makes it perfect for the most sensitive skins.
Alpacas come in 22 natural colours from black,through browns,fawns,white and greys. In garments where dyes are involved only low impact ones, containing no heavy metals are used.

The fibres we use in all our garments are sustainably sourced and the highest quality to be found in Peru.


Garment Care:

With careful care your alpaca garments will last for years.

  • We recommend a hand wash with a mild detergent in cold water.
  • Do not twist, wring or scrub.
  • Gently squeeze out excess water.
  • Lay the garment between two towels, roll up the towels and let it rest for a few minutes.
  • Dry flat, away from sunlight or direct heat.
  • Lightly steam with an iron using a press cloth for protection. Alternatively just steam up the bathroom. Any wrinkles will simply melt away!